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Our Team

“In 2018 I was on a downward spiral. Life was out of control and I didn't realise that I'd been battling depression and anxiety since the age of 15.

Starting from the lowest point putting coping mechanisms in place was imperative to improving my mental health. A mood diary played a massive part in getting better. A long with that breathing and focusing on exercise was also critical. These effectively became what we designed as the dnomr Digital Wellness Platform”.

Dean Worrall,
Chief Happiness Officer &

“Life has its ups and downs, everyone has a story to tell. My roller coaster crashed 2 years ago when hospitalised from stress and anxiety. I stopped breathing and blacked out because I was over working, over stressed and my body said no more. I luckily had support and found help in mindfullness, meditation and yoga. I worked stupid hours, trained to hard, im incredibly competitive and want to spend time with my family but this was unsustainable. I wasn’t listening to my body. It crashed. The dnomr platform has many of the tools I used to fix myself and continue to use to keep me on the right track. I hope it can help others.”

Tim Jarman
Chief Smiles Creator &

I grew up in a toxic environment and when I left home at 20 to venture out on my own my world collapsed. I was sectioned for 3 months following a mental breakdown. I decided that the only way was up after that and forced myself to focus on getting well and educating myself on my condition.

I am now a passionate member of team dnomr and a HR professional trying to spread the word of good mental wellbeing in the workplace. The dnomr platform is the tool that is so desperately needed by employers in the modern world of work”.

Jane Shorey
Chief Feel Good Officer